How to Improve Your Project Performance with Workflow Management?

What Is the Difference Between Workflow Management and Project Management?

Where Does Project Management Come into Play?

  • Give Mary her tasks
  • Mary gives her deliverables to Joe
  • Joe completes his task
  • Project manager review of deliverables
  • Success.

Key Differences Between Project and Workflow Management

The Benefits of Project Workflow Management

How to Use Project Workflow Management (and Make Your Next Project a Resounding Success)

You’re going to need three steps to create a basic workflow (just like in your favorite recipe):

  • Input: The resources you need to complete a task (e.g. A project brief from client)
  • Transformation: Instructions for what to do with the input resources (e.g. You’ll take the project brief and discuss it with your team to create a project timeline)
  • Output: The resources produced in this workflow, as well as the instructions for what to do with these resources (e.g. A project timeline, which you’ll then use to create and delegate project tasks according to urgency)

And just like in a recipe, you’re going to add a few ingredients to create the perfect workflow:

  • Actors: Team members who have to complete certain steps
  • Activities: Things that have to be completed to finish a step (e.g. Discuss the project brief with your team, then create a project timeline, a list of actionable items or a work breakdown structure)
  • Results: The resources/outcomes you will get after completing each activity. (e.g. A project timeline)
  • State: If you’re moving from one processes to the next, it’s important to maintain flow control so that tasks are following the outlined procedure (e.g. The project timeline is being used by Mary to create a work breakdown structure)

Can I Use Tools for Project Workflow Management?

1. Fits Your Workflow

2. Automates Your Processes

3. Helps You Monitor Performance

4. Your Team Likes

5. Meets Other Needs, Not Just Workflow Management



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