How to build an effective team for your project? 8 benefits to consider.

  • Risks — You’ll mitigate them in a second.
  • Tools — Someone on the team will know just the thing.
  • Project success — A natural consequence of a harmonious team.

What Is Effective Teamwork?

  • Psychological safety — Team members felt comfortable taking risks and didn’t fear judgement from other team members
  • Dependability — Team members could count on one another to take responsibility and complete their work in time
  • Structure and clarity — Team members understood goals, plans and strategies
  • Meaning of work — Team members perceived projects as personally valuable
  • Impact of work — Team members perceived their work to be valuable in the grand scheme of things

Building Effective Project Teams

1. Project Teams Understand Their Mission

2. Team Members Know What They Need to Do

3. Teams Are Excellent Communicators

4. Teams Adhere to Specific Team Culture

5. Teamwork Fuels Creativity

6. Project Teams Share Knowledge

  • Holding specialized brainstorming sessions
  • Having one-on-ones focused on individual team members’ professional development
  • Pairing up team members with complementary skills

7. Project Teams Are Aligned

  • Visual management
  • In-built dashboards and reporting
  • Scheduling, task assignments, progress tracking

8. Effective Teams Turn Failures into Successes

  • Conduct evaluations and self-evaluations
  • Remember to recognize and reward positive behavior
  • Invite your team to work with you on creating project plans and Work Breakdown Structures
  • Take the time to reflect on the lessons you’ve learned after a project, and review your PM tool metrics
  • Carve out time for celebration, especially after you’ve reached a milestone or successfully completed a project



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